Saturday, March 20, 2010

What's On Your Design Wall - 3-22-2010

While I don't have anything new on my design wall this week, or for the last two weeks, I do have a picture of the finished Heart Wallhanging I made for my sister.

My sister passed away and received her Angel wings on Saturday, March 6th.  I was blessed to be present and holding her when she passed.  She had told me a few days before she passed away, that wherever she was going, "it's so pretty, just like home, so pretty."  In that I am comforted.

I haven't been able to get myself in gear enough to start quilting again.  I have been taking care of 'business' with little time for myself, my family or quilting.  I have, however, told myself I need to start working on those UFOs; I need to find out what March's quilt number is and start working on it.  I know the healing process quite well, as this is the third time I've had the pleasure of taking care of a beloved family member in hospice, but that alone doesn't make it easier.  I keep reaching for the phone to call her and even started to send a picture of the fabrics I picked out for a class at the LQS.

Time will heal my loss I know, but it's a slow process and I know I'll never stop missing my sister.  I also know the memories I have will carry me through and bring a smile to my face once again.

Here's the finished wallhanging:

I finished the back with fast triangles and used wooden dowels in both the top and bottom for 'flat' hanging. 

I made this wallhanging with fabrics I had in my stash, as well as some fabrics I received from an on-line Valentine swap.

I was so very glad that my sister was able to enjoy it before she passed away.  Taught me a valuable lesson ...don't procrastinate... that's my middle name!  Now to work on a lap quilt for my father's 94th birthday in June. 

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What's On Your Design Wall - 3-1-2010

I finished the heart wallhanging, but didn't have time to take a picture before I gave it to my sister.  She said "you done good, kid."

What she doesn't know is that I was unable to 'gather myself' enough to finish sewing the binding to the back and do a little quilting.  I called my Favorite LQS Quilter's Market and Linda L (owner) had me bring it in and she finished it for me.  I've always said Quilters are the Most Wonderful People ... this just proves it!!  THANKS LINDA FOR YOUR CARE, CONCERN AND FINISHING TOUCH!

Unfortunately, my sister and the wallhanging are in Peppi's House Hospice.  My sister has lung cancer and while she was doing well for the past year, over the last week she took a turn for the worse and I had to admit her to the hospital on Wednesday afternoon and by Friday morning she was in Hospice.

Please pray that her passing is peaceful.

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Quilty Hugs,

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's On Your Design Wall - 2-22-2010

I was unable to post as my computer suffered a fatal error (blue screen of death) and it took me to last night to get it back up and running.  Good thing it's under warranty and I have unlimited long-distance...LoL   Good news - it's working ...yipee!!

While I was working on the computer I decided I wanted something sweet so I made a batch of Cinnamon-Raisin Bread Pudding - I love the smell of fresh baked food filling the house....Yummmy.

Anyway, I did get a little accomplished - no sewing while I was visiting my grandson last weekend...nope never even opened the case; although he did want to see what I was making and he liked it :D

I have the corner triangles on, as well as the binding.  Just need to sew the binding down and it's done ...another Yipee!  That's a good thing because my sister isn't doing well and I really want to give this to her ASAP.  I have to take  her to the doctor's tomorrow and then Thursday I have another class at a LQS.  So much to do and so little time!

    Fast Corner Triangles stop short of edge for mitered corner.

   Binding Ready to Sew

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Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Heart Wallhanging

I set out today to sandwich and put the border on the Heart wallhanging and I accomplished that goal...yipee!!

I have never made the corner triangles for hanging so will seek adventure with that tomorrow.  Since the wallhanging is not large (apprx 16" x 17" - don't ask) I am going to make four corner triangles one dowel at top and bottom so it will hang straight(er).

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Design Wall Idea

I have been wanting to put up my Block Butler but can't quite figure out which wall I want to put it on.  If you read my previous post, my room is an odd size at 16' X 9' so I'm limited.

I was thinking about how some hang quilts on a curtain rod attaching the quilt itself to curtain clips, which gave me an idea.  The closet is 6'6" high and 4' wide with no obstructions other than the bifold doors (lol) ....can you envision what I'm thinking?

If I get a nice fairly heavy curtain rod, even 5' wide, I too could use curtain clips to hang up the large piece of white flannel I have in my stash (108" wide) I think there's enough left.  If not, a flannel-backed tablecloth would work too.  With the clips I could pull it to one side using a holdback (depending on size) and/or sew ties at the top and bottom so when it's not in use I could roll it up - viola!

Think I'll give it a try when I get home.

PS:  I'm not home yet but as soon I get there I'll post pictures.

Monday, February 15, 2010

What's on Your Design Wall - 2-15-10

Although there is something on my design wall ... I'm not at home to post the pictures.

I traveled to Tempe to visit my DD and GS last Thursday and I'm still here, my poor SIL....LOL

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PS: Here's the top.  

I am going to sandwich and put on binding today.  I've opted to go with a solid back and save that extra heart.  I'm not sure what I'll use it for but ... in with the other orphans.

Monday, February 8, 2010

What's on Your Design Wall - 2-8-10

I made these 3 hearts blocks last week initially a for Valentine giveaway, but decided I liked them and the thought crossed my mind to make wall hanging.  Only three blocks so away to my stash.  The hearts were made of scraps so I thought about making two more hearts with similar fabrics.  However, the red/brown in the "swirly" fabric is enough off it was hard to find something coordinating (so to speak).

Onward... I remembered purchasing some "Sister Sayings" (don't ask me when I bought them, I just remembered I had them :D) so I sought them where would I put 'sayings' with muslin of course ??? 

I looked through all my heart fabrics ~ I have far, far, far too many but that's what I collect "heart fabrics" ~ and found the one with the little blue hearts.  It's folksy and my sister likes folk-art.

Then what about sashing and border - off to the stash room again...:D :D :D that's punishment ??? LOL 

I actually "auditioned" 8 fabrics and none struck my fancy.  I finally settled on the sashing/border fabric you see.  It was in my Valentine Swap exchange from an on-line group and I just got it the other day!  Strange thing was it was sitting right in front of me the whole time I was auditioning the other fabrics, and all of a sudden I looked over & said well howdy!  The darker red sashing/border tones down the red swirly's darker streaks; the red swirly fabric is a bit brighter than the lighter little scrolly (that is a word I'm sure!) material. 

I'm going to use the blue heart fabric, same as I used around the sayings, for the binding think it ties it all together :D

Decided to make the back scrappy with the pieces I have left from making the blocks for the front...those extra half-square triangles from the hearts will go to use on the back.  I may have to add to it but it's all scrappy and all from stash!!!

So, it's on my Design Wall and I'm happy thus far and it's been there overnight...LoL!

Did you all watch Super Bowl?  I only watched half-time and then returned to sewing!

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Hope you all have a wonderful week!