Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Design Wall Idea

I have been wanting to put up my Block Butler but can't quite figure out which wall I want to put it on.  If you read my previous post, my room is an odd size at 16' X 9' so I'm limited.

I was thinking about how some hang quilts on a curtain rod attaching the quilt itself to curtain clips, which gave me an idea.  The closet is 6'6" high and 4' wide with no obstructions other than the bifold doors (lol) ....can you envision what I'm thinking?

If I get a nice fairly heavy curtain rod, even 5' wide, I too could use curtain clips to hang up the large piece of white flannel I have in my stash (108" wide) I think there's enough left.  If not, a flannel-backed tablecloth would work too.  With the clips I could pull it to one side using a holdback (depending on size) and/or sew ties at the top and bottom so when it's not in use I could roll it up - viola!

Think I'll give it a try when I get home.

PS:  I'm not home yet but as soon I get there I'll post pictures.

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