Monday, February 1, 2010

What's on your Design Wall - 2-1-10


Yea....I found my design wall, it was behind all that stuff I had pinned on it like the large black widow I use for Halloween and pictures, old blocks I've made to try new ideas - Yes, it's still there but now I've got a corner cleaned off...LoL

My January UFO "Pink-All-Around" is not finished (sniff, sniff) .  I fell behind because of my "fabric dilemma".  I did order some material that I thought would be (another) a better replacement but...when the fabric arrived earlier this week, the polka dots (PDs) were twice the size of the PDs in the original fabric...they sure didn't look that big in the picture! 

I'm going to pull out the 'first replacement' material and even though we are supposed to be working on UFO #7, I'd like to finish "Pink-All-Around" first.

UFO #7 is the quilt I cut out 4 years ago for my hubby.  He calls it his "shroud" and just the other day made the comment "maybe you shouldn't put that one together, afraid when you do I'll die.  After all, I've been calling it my 'shroud'.  Actually, I started doing "Girls Night Out" at the LQS meeting the last Friday of each month and the "shroud" is my project for that.  I'm going to note UFO "shroud" to is being worked on elsewhere and pick the next one.

As you can tell, by the picture, I did make up a few little hearts for a wall hanging, and decided to gift it to my sister, for Valentines.  I've got some "sister sayings" and pulled one of those out to go with.  I'm going to use my Bonnie-style 'bonus blocks' (in pic) in some fashion around the saying.  I also need to fuse a piece of muslin to the back as the fabric is fairly thin.  I've got backing ready too :D

I'd like to finish "Pink-All-Around" and the "Valentine Hearts" before starting on another UFO.  These are small projects and hopefully I'll be able to finish them quickly.

With that said...this week is going to be catch-as-catch can, a very busy week! I'll only be home three days this week, going to visit my GS in Tempe and celebrate (albeit late) his 7th birthday! I do plan on taking my Featherweight with me hoping to sneak in a few minutes of sewing here and there .

I also (cringe) took a class this past Saturday (1-30) Crazy Hearts by Buggy Barn.

The blocks are cute as can be - wish I'd pulled more heart fabs. The instructor wrote black, white and red and I stayed "in the box" ... why'd I do that, LoL?  Normally, I'm the one who is 'out of the box'. They go together pretty easily even though each block has 15 pieces. I posted a short note on An Appointed Time For Quilting with a few more pics ;) 

To see what other quilters have on their Design Walls today, please visit Judy Laquidara’s blog, Patchwork Times.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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Susan said...

HI love your heart block and you seem one busy quilter!!!