Monday, January 18, 2010

Design Wall Monday 1-18-10

My design wall still isn't up ... but here's my cutting table. 

I temporarily have shelved "Pink All Around" after several issues & problems.  I was, however, able to find some material that "is close" in value to the polka dots I was using - now to decide whether to take apart two blocks down to the polka dots or leave two with the 'original' polka dots and make two with the 'new' polka dots ... decisions, decisions!

Because of all my "issues" I decided to stick to something easy ... :D  I decided to work on a BOM.  I had cut, sewn and pieced one color then decided it wasn't really what I (thought) I was looking for...I didn't like the color combination I had chosen - so I put those 20 half-square's in the orphan box and cut new fabric.  I really like the new combination much better .  I should have the block finished up by day's end!

I also did an "Experiment" of my own - silly, but I did anyway.  I wanted to see if using 'guides' vs. marking vs. tube (using Wondercut ruler) really made any difference in the final half-square triangles...I'm not sure there's one bit of difference, except to say using the tube is definitely faster and I like faster....

Which block do you prefer blue or mustard (not sure what to call this color) ? You have until day's end to let me know. I'll check back later to see if anyone makes comments.

Here's the block I'm making Arizona 2 from Quilter's Cache

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