Sunday, January 24, 2010

Design Wall Monday 1-25-10

Happy Monday All!

Sad to say I don't have anything new on my wall. But by this afternoon there will be...I cut fabric for three 6" heart blocks, this evening. I plan on putting those together first thing Monday morning. Eyes are too tired to try tonight, but it's a super easy pattern; they're gifts.

Remember my lucky polka-dot find last week? That fabric is as close as I am going to get. I made a call to a LQS The Quilt Basket and spoke with lovely Mary. I told her what I wanted and then sent a picture, within 5 minutes she called and said she had good and bad news..."bad news was there aren't two more fats but the good news was there was 1 more fat. I can do do what I need with two, so that was definitely good news!

Modern technology is wonderful - just think before e-mail and digital pictures we might have spent quite a while explaining just which pink we's in the 4th drawer on the right in the bin just as you walk in the shop and it was in the, ummm- I don't remember which row, maybe it was the 3rd drawer..."...LOL

Because of what I am considering Good Fortune I plan on pulling "Pink All Around"...UFO #4 out and work toward completions...baring no more miscut material or mis-sewn seems. I have to re-make the one block, taking out the 'mis-sewn' piece and replace it with a 'good piece' from one of the other two unsewn blocks. I will make the last two blocks alternate in the pattern (quick thinking, huh?). It's a tabletopper, it will work out okay, and I could actually finish by the end of the week! 

"It could happen...LoL"


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