Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Learned Something New Today

Oh yes...the smell from the kitchen is wonderful!  Three loaves of banana bread ...DONE....going to be yummy my tummy :D

While the bread was baking I was working on the Arizona 2 block for an on-line group BOM.  I realized (on the 1st block) my center point was not lining up properly.  To accommodate for that I simply pressed one seam toward the dark fabric and the other toward the light fabric, that way I was able to 'nestle' the two.  See how nice the points came out...I think they're perfect!!

I also found (for this block) if I press the seams open the strip lies flatter (bottom pic)

I feel so good when I learn something new!!  All-in-all, it's a good day and it's not over yet...woohoo!! 

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