Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I believe !!!

Yes, I know Monday has passed but I'm still struggling a bit over here so until I get this one figured out, it's Monday...LOL

I cut the template and albeit it's smaller with a little push here and tiny tug there .. I got 1 on...LOL  I know just one?  But, here's the deal it took a bit of time to get it just right and by the hair on my chiny-chin-chin it will work.  I took pictures and it's ever sooo close! 

I have decided, however, that I am going to put 1 of each of these pieces in the rest of the blocks.  I believe it would try my patience to try and fit all four of them on one block.  Since I only have 3 blocks to finish (clearing throat) I'll have to put 2 pieces in 1 block, making sure they are on opposite sides.

Okay back to the humming of my Featherweight ...more to follow.

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